I gasped, like many this morning to read this in The Telegraph!!  If it had of been the Daily Mail I would have died (but died happy). But joking aside this is significant in the progress of renewables and energy storage into the mainstream. Clean energy now is the mainstream and the 'alternatives' of Nuclear, shale gas and other fossil fuels are now too expensive (even with substantial subsidy), too dirty and emit too much carbon. Climate change is here, it's now and it's moving at a frightening pace.  

When establishment publications like this, funded by adverting that is often utility company based I think we've really turned a corner. But we've got to move like Usain Bolt to have a hope of staying under 2 degrees. 

At Hyperion our purpose is to put the very best people, in the very best clean energy companies, for the very best outcome of the clean energy sector. What part are you playing?