Another proof that, in the UK at least, we are living in a post factual world. Economic analysis, scientific evidence, public opinion and common sense are all over-ridden by ideology and political expediency.

Perhaps I'm naive to not think that has always been the case!?

Brexit was a campaign built on rose-tinted glasses, bravado, guesswork assumptions,  lies and poor politics on both sides, and of course a healthy dose of xenophobia.

Hinckley was of course different. Brexit was always a subjective vote, there was analysis and logic but no facts, we still don't really know the outcome.

With Hinckley we had hard facts, financial models, scientific evidence, better economic alternatives, quicker to deploy. Not even those that love the concept of Nuclear power, like George Monbiot, thought it was a good idea. But still we have a green light. The slash and burn of all green legislation and a vacuum in energy policy in the UK makes for a pretty depressing place to be.