Just six months ago, at a Hyperion Board meeting, we were discussing when we felt the EV or emobility revolution would really take off.  As ever I was most bullish, but still thought it would be five years before most mainstream auto OEM's would offer most or many of their range in hybrid (PHEV) or full electric (BEV). 

Within a few weeks of that conversation we picked up our first senior assignment in EV-Charging. Since then 27% of our revenues have come from clients in the e-mobility sector. The market is moving quicker than a Tesla!  We see BMW offering hybrids across its range, Mercedes Benz doing similar and promising a raft of new electric models. Now this bold move by Volvo. ALL their cars will be hybrid or EV by 2019. That's just two years!  I'm glad I took just an 18 month lease on my Mercedes PHEV. I'm looking forward to what choice I'll have in 18 months time. In the meantime, we've got a big EV charging infrastructure to build. As experts in recruiting for energy storage, decentralised energy generation, and now E-mobility, the future for us all looks bright.