I must confess I find it very, very annoying when I try to find a telephone number, to speak to a human, on a website and struggle. FAQs, forums, contact forms, and if you are lucky, a more instant 'online chat'. Drives me mad, and leaves a bad impression, to me at least, of the company. Makes me less likely to use them again, if possible.

Voice is very important. Since the internet was invented, I've heard and read about the death of recruitment. First it was job boards, then Linked In, then talent management software, social media, super duper algorithms. Yet the industry hasn't died (though many wish many recruiters would!), it has grown and continues to do so.

So technology is important, e-mails and social media useful, and they have a place; but voice, actual human interaction is way more important.  Taken to the next level, it's about what that voice says, and sounds like. As a coincidence I was just interrupted by a call from someone trying to sell some kind of invoice factoring. The tone was cheesy and self-important, and the verbiage was scripted. How about a credible voice and a credible, knowledgeable, warts and all human?  Now you're talking!!  At Hyperion we're just about to mark our 3rd birthday, we've grown consistently in those three years. I'd say that is partly due to our market being vibrant, but also because we are passionate, knowledgeable, honest, credible and human. We talk, we listen, we share, we place key people with some of the worlds best cleantech companies. If you want to talk to a human, in English or German, you'll find our number easily enough.