This is quite a long piece, but very much worth the read. When it comes to e-mobility, and EV role out, there is far too much thinking based on existing norms. As many of you know, I'm a fan of Tony Seba, and his view on disruptive technologies, emobility included. 

Utility companies have really struggled to adapt to a renewable and decentralised world, and the growth of renewables, solar in particular, whilst impressive, is nowhere near as fast as the transition to EV's is proving to be.  It will be REALLY hard for the present Auto OEMs to change at pace, and some big names will fail I'm sure.  As the driver of a PHEV Mercedes, and a big fan of both Jaguar and Porsche, like the author here, I really hope the big names can change and compete with Tesla, but it won't be as simple as many think. And it is, as the headline suggests, all about the batteries, their performance, cost, and availability. Interesting times.