Toyota and Panasonic began their business relationship in 1953 and this prismatic battery collaboration may be the most important venture for the companies to date. Panasonic's traditional batteries are already widely used across the automotive industry in Electric vehicles and can be found in various hybrid models produced by Toyota. Battery technology is certainly picking up pace & I believe that, firstly, this collaboration is in place to explore how we can improve the suitability & sustainability of this alternative technology to the mass market. As the Electric vehicle industry booms, a crucial goal of this venture will be aimed at easing growing fears of battery shortages and worrying issues surrounding the ethics of acquiring the required elements to make the batteries in the first place. The two companies are aiming to pioneer the automotive world by lowering battery price & raising their performance & safety. Not an easy feat, however, I think both companies really value the worth of key business partnerships. I like the idea of businesses' recognising that we are in a much better position to succeed if we work in collaboration to achieve a common goal. Long term business relationships open the door for real collaborative innovation and can help overcome obstacles which would not be possible otherwise. We are all like-minded individuals with a real passion for the sector. All of our unique strengths and weaknesses need to be utilised and exercised in the right way to secure the best possible future for the industry. Here at Hyperion we collaborate with our clients, candidates and partners to ensure the best results are achieved and the benefits are shared. Our relationships are built on being honest, straight talking and open about how we operate. We're here to build long term mutually beneficial relationships for the benefit of this remarkable industry.