This is, if you stop and think, quite a significant view from National Grid, and their new top person, Graeme Cooper. 

Get this.....To an extent [this] means that 96% of UK drivers would be able to drive in any direction from any location in the UK and be within 50 miles from an ultra-rapid super charger. 

Of course I'm aware that the situation is more complex, and this wouldn't be an overnight fix. But it does put a big hole in the 'range anxiety' argument. Like with all of these things, we have to keep chipping away, with facts and advancements, while the dinosaurs keep peddling myths and negativity. 

Having already worked with EV-Box, Chargepoint and Alfen, among other eMobility and MaaS players, we know the investment going on, and the developments taking place. The future is electric, and that's not just for cars!