The next five years will see demand for EVs ramp up across Europe and renault’s response to this emerging market is to open its first European concept store – the Renault Electric Vehicle Experience Centre – in Stockholm. They have already provided us with a wider choice of models with improved range and greater desirability, including; The new Zoe, the funky Twizzy and the workman’s dream... the Kangoo. ZE.33. I think this move demonstrates that Renault are really proactively looking to establish themselves as Europe’s number one EV Brand. Like any showroom, Renault are obviously looking to sell cars however the new store will concentrate more on educating people about the capabilities and the advantages of electric vehicles. Renault aim to increase the numbers of EVs by engaging with the public about electric mobility and providing them with a personalised solution that matches their specific lifestyle. What’s not to love? The more we can engage and educate people the faster the EV market will grow. I think when this platform is adopted by more of the big-name brands it will completely change the way that electric vehicles are sold in cities. I think these stores are vital to progress and they are physical demonstration of the electric revolution. Let’s face it, electric cars are the leading technology to provide sustainable mobility for all and with the store placed in a fast-paced Swedish market, I think we will see more of these across Europe in the very near future.