It's been five months since I moved back to the UK to join Hyperion Executive Search Ltd and it's been a fantastic learning curve so far.

Having predominantly recruited for companies financing, building and operating energy projects internationally, I’m fascinated with the seismic shift we're witnessing in how our power systems will operate in the future with more renewable generation coming online.

Although it’s great to see more clean energy in the mix, the transition from firm, controllable power to green technologies is not without difficulty and we are seeing the growing need for increased system flexibility to solve the problems associated with intermittent energy.

Whilst this new reality creates challenges, it presents exciting opportunities for businesses who are utilizing flexible technology, such as storage, and Demand Side Response to provide the capacity and flexibility needed to operate the electricity system in tomorrow’s world.

While we can’t control when the sun shines or the wind blows, we can control – much more than we realise – when we use electricity and Hyperion is supporting a number of clients, big and small, in this arena, who are supporting far-sighted organizations begin to take control of how and when they consume electricity, for the benefit of the entire system.

We have recently completed a Head of Business Development search for Ylem Energy, a power generation expert who are entering the flexible technology space, and a Head of New Markets search for Arenko Group, a battery storage developer and a big winner in the T4 auction

I’m taking a well needed break to charge my batteries (pardon the pun!) in Croatia for a week and will be returning on the 29th May. Please get in touch with myself or the team if you’d like to discuss our approach and expertise in the clean energy sector.