A whopping 5,500+ churches and cathedrals across the UK have converted their energy suppliers to being 100% renewable. This simple change for each location amounts to savings of over £5 million being redirected for the collective sites. 

This is a huge step in the fight against climate change and as long as everyone chips in, significant changes can be made. To help combat this closer to home, there are several renewable energy suppliers available in the UK and converting is simple and effective. I'm not trying to sound like the irritating switching ads constantly circulating throughout the media, but substituting your current supplier to a cleaner option will pay dividends. 

Everyone here at Hyperion Executive Search has either changed or are in the process of moving away from the traditional suppliers. Take a look at Ecotricity, Good Energy, Bulb, OVO, Octopus Energy & Pure Planet and I'm sure one of these innovative and forward thinking companies will fit your criteria.