There are many important factors in incentivising the uptake of EVs and I think a mix of measures will be the key to success. Policy is clearly very important, and moves include bringing forward the ban on the sale of new petrol and diesel vehicles to 2030 rather than 2040 could be a significant step. Another important factor is to bring forward BIK tax incentives for full EVs. 

It is interesting to hear the results of this new study by European NGO Transport and Environment that public chargers are only used for around 5% of all charging across Europe, contradicting the notion that lack of charging infrastructure is holding the industry back. We are already hearing positive news from today's Zero Emission Vehicle Summit in terms of investment into the industry and I look forward to hearing more in the coming days.

Myself and some of the Hyperion team will be attending the Cenex Low Carbon Vehicle event tomorrow and we're looking forward to meeting with clients, candidates and contacts in the industry. If you'd like to meet for a coffee please let me know.