When will we move on from the Nuclear farce? Spend Billions on subsidies to build reactors that don't yet exist? Why, they cannot compete with solar/wind/storage on any level. For those that point to the subsidies that renewables have received over the years, the premise was that subsidy will pump prime the market, technology costs will come down, and we'll end up with subsidy free renewables. It worked. Renewables are the cheapest form of power generation in many, if not most parts of the world. Nuclear on the other hand, costs have spiralled upwards, despite mammoth amounts of subsidies, and ignoring the humongous costs of decommissioning and storage of hugely toxic waste.  And don't start me on fossil fuel subsidies!!!!!

Monday rant over..... Back to building a sustainable, clean energy and mobility world, by aligning the best talent with the best companies in the sector. And coffee.