ITM Power, a manufacturer of Hydrogen energy solutions has recently received funding by UK Government to explore the feasibility of a 100MW Power-to-gas project in Runcorn. The facility which is currently known as Project Centurion will be the first of its kind to enter the UK market and could have the ability to demonstrate an energy storage system that would help deliver decarbonisation across a number of platforms. 

The study will explore overall feasibility of industrial scale Hydrogen production via electrolysis as well as looking into large scale storage mechanisms; a pipeline has already been proposed to store large quantities of hydrogen gas in salt caverns within the area. Further studies will test the practicality of large scale gas grid injection which has been previously explored in the H21 Leeds City Gate project in the north of England, this could see Hydrogen gas being introduced to the UK gas network at a scale not seen since town gas was the norm. Other countries such as Germany allow higher levels of hydrogen gas into their network but at a highly diluted rate. 

Renewable generated Hydrogen is a fundamental fuel which is being explored all across the globe, although it often sits in the shadow of EV's, hydrogen powered transportation is just as important and has already seen success in haulage, rail transport and sailing. 

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The funky boat circling the planet on renewable energy and hydrogen gas.

Let the integration of Hydrogen commence!!