A commercial ferry operating in north Scotland will be home to the UK's first Hydrogen/Diesel dual fuel powered boat thanks to a grant of £430,332 by Innovate UK, the funding is to design and integrate the fuel injection system on board the vessel allowing it to utilise renewable generated Hydrogen. Hyperion are really happy for our client ULEMCo for providing the much needed technology to make this project happen. 

The Hydrogen will come from the European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC) who're based on the nearby island of Eday where there is often surplus electricity generated by the numerous renewable projects that are operating; the excess electricity will be fed into an electrolyser where the splitting of water occurs separating it into Oxygen and Hydrogen. The process allows the Hydrogen to be stored, transported and utilised on the ferry therefore reducing consumption of diesel. 

The project is also conducting a study to analyse the possibility of scaling up the process to test feasibility for similar projects within the UK. The retrofit will hopefully increase the popularity of Hydrogen utilisation within the UK and around Europe.