You wouldn't expect a recruiter to suggest you explore your options, before choosing to leave your job. At Hyperion though we treat peoples careers and aspirations with respect and patience. Moving job can be transformative to your life, in many ways. But moving job frequently isn't good for anyone, nor is staying in a job or company that bores you, or gives you no sense of purpose.  Purpose is key. Sometimes, as it is suggested here, you may be in the right place, but just need a shake up. Alternatively, you may not be. Taking action is the important thing. If you try to address your boredom and malaise with your current bosses and within your company, and you get no support, and no change, then it's quite simple, you need to move on. But do it on your terms, think about what will give you passion and purpose, and where you can find that. If you are an A-player in Cleantech, Hyperion can probably help.