The Australia government has recently announced that they're to provide half the funding for the country's largest ever trial to produce hydrogen using renewable sourced electricity. The electricity will be generated by means of wind and solar power allowing the hydrogen to be produced via electrolysis. 

The $11 million (US Dollar) project is being run by Jemena, a gas pipeline company which plans to construct a 500kW electrolyser, this will allow the splitting of water to take place where the capture and storage of both hydrogen and oxygen will occur. 

The vast majority of the hydrogen produced will be injected into the local gas network, this will provide a base to trial the viability for energy storage to take place. Further uses for the hydrogen include powering fuel cells vehicles, topping up refuelling stations and also to be used in a generator to produce power for the grid. 

Australia, along with countries such as Japan are heavily investing in the sector with focus on storage, fuel cell vehicles as well as cleanly producing the hydrogen using renewable generated electricity to power the electrolyser.