Last week, the US Department of Energy's Energy Information Administration provided it's annual projection for the future of energy to 2050. 

Spoiler Alert: it remains stubbornly immune to reality and it's biggest problem is the potential collapse of civilization if we extract and burn anywhere near as much coal, gas and oil as the agency forecasts! 

Only 24 hours later however, one of the nation’s largest and arguably its most successful power companies, had a very different forecast for the future.

In NextEra Energy’s Q4 results call, CEO Jim Robo stated that solar and wind plus storage will be soon be cheaper than coal, oil or nuclear and that this will be “massively disruptive to the conventional fleet”, providing opportunities for renewable energy developers well through the next decade.

Robo has been similarly optimistic about clean energy and energy storage in the past - something I touched upon in this blog - commenting in 2015 that  “post-2020, there may never be another peaker plant built in the United States , very likely you’ll be just building energy storage instead”

Having put 1.4GW of wind online in 2018 alone, 900MW to 3.3GW of solar to come online in the next 2 years and 415MW of battery storage projects in development in the post 2020 timeframe, NextEra are putting their money where their mouth is. 

Whilst we don't tend to work with large utilities, we do support utility-scale project developers and independent power producers across the United States as they look to hire the talent needed to finance, build and operate this influx of renewable energy and energy storage projects. 

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