It was a great start to the day when I read this article this morning.   

Whilst Sun Cable recently announced plans to spend $20 billion on a huge solar power plant in the Northern Territory, another consortium (including Continental Energy, Vestas, CWP Energy Asia and Macquarie Group as the financing partner) aims to install the largest hybrid solar and wind power facility in the world providing an initial 11 GW of clean energy. 

In addition to using the energy for its domestic industrial base, most of the energy generation will be used to power a hydrogen manufacturing hub. This is truly exciting since the hydrogen could be sold to Asian countries who have expressed interest in developing a hydrogen based economy. 

The discussion about clean energy in Australia has mostly been focused on keeping energy cost down for households (especially lower income earners). Whilst I fully agree that a shift towards a zero emission economy must be structured in way that doesn`t put the biggest pressure on people with lower incomes, these projects also demonstrate that renewables will not only help lower Australia’s carbon footprint but create plenty of new employment opportunities as well.