Whilst there are still a lot of aspects of electric mobility that undoubtedly not optimal yet, one of the biggest "Yes, but...." arguments in this whole debate might be solved soon.

US researchers have found a solution to the problem of charging times being way longer than traditional times for refilling a petrol car. 

At the moment, it does take around 30 minutes  - even in fast charging mode - to recharge a battery. Researchers in the Pennsylvania have developed a membrane that allows the battery to be fully charged within 10 minutes.

I know that this technology has not been tested on a commercial scale yet and still has some other problems - however, it certainly has confirmed my belief that technologically we are able to get to a zero-emission future faster than some skeptics might think. And yes it will need some regulatory  - and initially monetary - support - however, every technological break-through in the last century has received some initial subsidy or regulatory support!