Whilst I think that politics can be treacherous territory, there are times when one can`t let certain fake news get promoted without standing up.

In particular when my second home and a place I love is concerned - Australia!

The country is going through the most horrific bush fire season people can remember - and Prime Minister Scott Morrison still denies the influence of man-made global warming on the intensity and extent of the catastrophe. 

However there are examples of innovative and commercially viable projects both on the residential and commercial application of solar energy and storage technology. This article gives a very good insight into a project in Melbourne (where a 52 unit apartment block for low income earners is fully powered through its own micro grid) and some projects in  Western Australia (where some mines are already powered by solar hybrid microgrids). 

As I said earlier, please don`t get disheartened by people like Scott Morrison - Australians aren`t all just lobbying for the coal industry like their Prime Minister! Some are actually showing some sense of responsibility and long term vision! And not to mention leadership!