Subtract the bells and whistles, keep the technology, socially-minded and sustainability-focused solutions at the core, add one global pandemic and what do you get? A recipe for renewed momentum in the impact investment space. 

Once a dubious corner of the investment world, the impact investment market was estimated to be worth a whopping 502 billion USD in 2019. While some ESG-friendly investments have outshone others in the first quarters of 2020, one interesting, overall outcome has emerged: the corona-induced hit to the stock market allowed areas of impact investing to emerge stronger and more valuable than ever, particularly those that aim to improve food security, decarbonization efforts, renewable energy and crumbling infrastructure. 

Corona virus has forced consumers and businesses to face the grim and growing urgency to live more sustainably. Thankfully, the CleanTech world involves the solutions required to create the future outcomes we collectively desire. 

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