130 billon Euros have been allocated to a stimulus plan in Germany that, in part, calls for every gas station to include electric vehicle charging stations country-wide. This stimulus package comes as a support for EV purchasers and a caution (and tax) for gas-guzzling SUV's.  

Of the 168, 148 registered cars in Germany only 3.3% are electric and last year less than 2% of new cars were EV's. What is holding back the EV transition? Experts point to the fear of keeping the vehicle charged (a baffling 97% of the reasoning for not purchasing electric can be attributed to range anxiety). This initiative plans to reduce those fears. 

German Chancellor Merkel has high ambitions for reaching 1 million EV charging stations by 2030, with only 15,000 gas stations in Germany there is significant work to do in order to meet the need for EV charging stations. 

And Germany is not alone. French President Macron intends to, "make France Europe's top producer of clean vehicles" and has announced an 8 billion Euro incentive package to push this initiative further. 

One thing is clear, there are literally billions of reasons to charge ahead in the EV economy. At Hyperion we have a proven track record of supporting organizations in doing just that. Visit our website to find out how we can help you find the key talent you need to drive your business forward.