It is unlikely that we have ever heard the word “unprecedented” used more frequently prior to 2020. Because of these “unprecedented”, unpredictable and unusual times ESG and cleantech investors are scrambling to industry experts, cleantech CEOs and analysts to garner some semblance of future growth potentiality in the sector.

Historical trends and statistics coupled with known factors like elections formerly provided guidance, but with Covid-19 affecting capital spending, shipping and logistics and even the Cold War-esque U.S./China Trade relationship, gone are the times of predictable and mathematical equations in calculating investment risks.

For cleantech, Miriam Tuerk of Forbes predicts the industry will “thrive in an era of uncertainty”. With abundant time for research and development, firms are predicted to have a “baby boom” like affect in result of the shutdown producing “newborn” technological advances and innovations over the course of the next year. Further as the industry has shifted away from subsidy dependence, Tuerk predicts the lowest ever impact from the U.S. federal election.

Finally while cleantech executives report possibilities for small delays in projects, they remain funded and contracted with forward momentum for Q3/Q4. At Hyperion Executive Search we have observed a similar sentiment. In a survey of 67 Cleantech CEOs and founders in clean energy and e-mobility across the U.K., U.S., France, Germany, The Netherlands and Switzerland, 85% of respondents expected the Covid-19 economic recovery to be spearheaded by green businesses.

As with all industries, there are an incredible amount of both new and old factors coalescing to form the uncertain future of cleantech, but, as Turek and so many industry experts are suggesting, cleantech has developed into a less volatile, strong and diverse investment. Though Covid-19 has touched ever part of industry, cleantech emerges to show its robustness and ability to weather the storm and emerge that much stronger.

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